Agency Voucher Registration Form


This form is for holders of Agency (e.g. Balloons over Britain, Red Letter Days, Buy A Gift, Gift Experience Scotland, Experience Days etc.) vouchers that wish to register to fly with Alba Ballooning. Please ensure that you have first followed any voucher registration instructions provided with your voucher.


If you have already registered your Agency voucher with another ballooning company, you must discuss transfer arrangements with that company.


Please complete all highlighted grey boxes and any other relevant ones. All personal information is treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be divulged to other parties for any purposes whatsoever. You should receive written confirmation of your registration and flight booking (if so requested) within 3 working days.


Your name
Your email at least
Your phone number one required
Number of Passengers
All passenger names
plus their approx ages and weights
(include yourself if you are a passenger)
Is there any additional information we need to know such as medical conditions of any of the passengers (complete if applicable)?
Passenger name and address
to which confirmation should be sent

Name of Agency
Voucher reference or serial number
Check that your voucher is still valid tick for yes

Please select the type of voucher

If voucher doesn't state any restrictions,
select Anytime  

WeekDay Morning
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