Celebrating 1000th flight on 26th September 2013

Alba Ballooning made its 1000th flight on 26th September 2013. Meeting at Hillend, just off the Edinburgh bypass at 4.25pm as scheduled, we headed down to Peebles, as that was the best launch location to take advantage of the light southerly wind.


We set up the banner on the launch field, at Victoria Park, Peebles.

Fan switched on - filling the balloon with cold air.

Two passengers get involved and hold the mouth open to help it fill quickly.

Looking back at the mouth from the 'crown' (top end) of the envelope.

Connecting the two rotation vent control lines.

View to the crown of the envelope, now its filling nicely.

Checking that nothing is entangled.

Almost ready to start heating the air...

Now to heat the air to enable the balloon to rise upright.

Upright! George on the crownline did a sterling job controlling the rise.

Checking all is secure!

Now more heating to get us buoyant....

Until we gently float away ....

The wind takes us north - past Eddleston and on to Leadburn.

A gentle bump and we've landed near Leadburn.

Deflating the envelope

Pete - a happy pilot.

Packing away

Heading down to the gate

Onto the celebrations.

and of course, the certificates... to celebrate taking a balloon flight with
"fearless courage and steadfast determination"

Choosing your "in flight" photographs...

It's getting dark, so time to go home.