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Vouchers and Purchase Options


We have currently suspended new voucher sales whilst we review our operations for 2018. The weather for ballooning in our Scotland flying areas in 2017 was particularly poor, severely limiting the number of flights we were able to achieve. This appears to be part of an ongoing downward trend in weather for the past 6 years here now which have all been below average years for flights achievable compared to the previous 12 years we have been providing balloon flights. Please check back in Spring 2018 to see if we are able to continue our flights and resume selling new vouchers. Thank you for your understanding.


We offer four Balloon Flight Voucher options. For full details of each package and to make online purchases, please click on the relevant button below. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, UK Maestro, Visa Electron, Delta and Debit cards. Alternatively you can complete our booking form which provides the option to post us a UK cheque instead.


Flight Voucher


Now £169 per person
Book onto any of our scheduled flights, including weekends at any location. Part refundable.

Flight Voucher

Now £155 per person
Book onto any of our weekday scheduled flights, at any location. Part refundable.

Weekday Morning
Flight Voucher

Now £139 per person
Book onto any of our weekday morning scheduled flights in Scotland*. Part refundable.

Flight Voucher

Now £199 per person
Book onto any of our scheduled flights, including weekends at any location.
Includes 'in flight' photo and fully refundable (subject to conditions).


Alba Ballooning's success is built on a reputation for customer care


+ you can always telephone to speak directly with your pilot in our office +

+ we don't sell far more vouchers than British weather can ever enable us to fly +

+ you can see our flight availability before you buy (and book online 24/7) +

+ we notify you as early as possible of flight cancellations due to poor weather +

and display a 3 day ahead weather prognosis, both online

+ we don't change the meeting point for your flight once booked +

+ we are proud to display all our recent flights with our smiling customers! +






Please read our Terms and Conditions (which are based on industry standard terms agreed by the British Association of Balloon Operators with the Office of Fair Trading) before you make a purchase and contact us should you wish to clarify any aspect. Please also satisfy yourself that the voucher recipients are medically fit to undertake a balloon flight (see Health & Safety).


Flight Vouchers have a part refund option exercisable at anytime whilst valid.


All vouchers are initially valid for one year from a start date of your choosing (within reason!). We will extend flight vouchers free of charge if the recipient's attempts to fly have been thwarted by unsuitable weather on 5 or more occasions (note that 83% ** of our passengers fly within 5 attempts) during our main flying season (mid March to late October) in a year or they have become medically incapacitated as regards flying for a significant period during the main flying season; otherwise, vouchers may be extended by recipients for a fee of £30 per person per further year payable prior to or upon expiry subject to flights continuing to be scheduled by us in the extension period.


Restricted vouchers may be upgraded at any time whilst valid for a non-refundable fee, currently £20 per person for 'Weekday Morning' to 'Weekday' or 'Weekday' to 'Freedom' and £40 per person for 'Weekday Morning' to 'Freedom'.


You can book a flight date (see our Flight Schedules) with a flight voucher purchase or leave that 'open' for the recipient(s) to choose later.


Our vouchers make excellent gifts

Our flight vouchers are printed on A4 card and make excellent presents for Christmas, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. They will come with our Brochure and a Passenger Information sheet and a receipt for the purchaser.


If you need a voucher urgently, then please telephone us but do have the necessary details (as requested on our Booking Forms) to hand and a phone number that we may call you back on if necessary. We can send you a PDF format voucher by email if necessary.


Transfering bookings


We make no charge to transfer passenger names on a booking provided you let us know in advance of making any flight booking for them.


Alba Ballooning is a member of Balloons over Britain enabling a flight voucher purchased with one member company to be used to fly with another. Thus, a flight voucher purchased with us can be used to fly with England based companies should you so wish. If you have a flight voucher with an England based company but would like to use it with us, then check to see if that company is a member.


Visitor bookings


If you are only likely to be available to fly for a single short period on a visit, please contact us to discuss alternative, normally via email, booking arrangements with preferential (90% for one or two persons; 95% for three or more) refund options should your booking be thwarted by poor weather during your visit. We need to retain a small booking fee in order to cover the costs incurred in handling and processing such bookings. We much prefer to get you flown whilst here rather than giving you a refund - so we will try hard to do so - but that is always at the hands of the weather! The more flexible you can be (please advise us in advance), the better the chance.


Group bookings


For groups of 4 or more it may be possible to offer additional discounts to any seasonal discounts offered above. If some members of a group may only be occasionally or temporarily available to book onto a flight, we can sell you a voucher for a few of the group and the rest 'pay on the day' to keep the booking flexible for you. If you put together a large enough group of people (min 8), it may be possible to fly local to you (but please read our Flight Location webpage for advice on suitable areas). Simply talk to us and we’ll try to accommodate you.


Exclusive flights for small group numbers


Due to the high demand for our flights and the limitations that northern Britain's weather imposes on us, we do not currently offer small group private flights. But our balloons are compartmentalised for 2 or 3 persons in each, so you do get some exclusivity on our flights. Most years, we get a few successful 'proposals' in our balloons! No rejections so far!


* Not available for Scottish Borders (St Boswells) flights.


** Data based on all passengers flown on flights since 2006.