Roseberry reservoir in the Lothians

Our Rural Support Philosophy


Since starting our business in 2000, it has always been our philosophy to help support and promote other local rural businesses and the farming community on whose support and tolerance we so depend in order to provide a ballooning experience to our customers in such wonderful landscapes that Scotland provides.


That is because in order to undertake a balloon flight, we need launchsites and areas where we can overfly and subsequently land (basically uninvited as we don't know specifically where that might be in advance as that depends on the wind speed and direction) minimising the potential for distress to any sensitive livestock (as the noise of the burners or simply the balloon passing overhead can be unsettling to some livestock) or their owners.


We are fortunate in that we benefit from the support of so many in the farming community, some of whom provide occasional unoccupied fields from which to launch from, else at least the tolerance of the vast majority.


In recognising this, it is our policy to:

  • Employ crew drivers from within the farming else rural community
  • Support farmer requests for donations to their charity events
  • Offer free flights to local farmers when spare places exist
  • Offer free aerial photos of their farm to local farmers
  • Be as diligent and responsible as practical when flying over livestock
  • Be responsible (without jeopody to safety) in seeking places to land
  • Respect Biosecurity concerns, including keeping our vehicle and balloon clean
  • Promote Scottish farming and produce to our passengers
  • Work with the NFU (Scotland) to resolve any national ballooning/farming issues
  • Work with the media (eg BBC TV Landward, BBC Radio Scotland) in promoting the positive image of Scottish farming

In the support of rural communities and businesses, it is our policy to:

  • Use local suppliers/businesses (eg for vehicle and trailer maintenance etc)
  • Live and base ourselves within the rural community and support local facilities
  • Promote local rural businesses, attractions and produce to our passengers
  • Support rural charities (eg Temple Village Fete, Game Conservancy Trust etc.)
  • Contribute to public park site maintenance where we launch from
  • Be involved in local administrative bodies (eg Moorfoot Community Council)
  • Be involved in local Forums to promote the improvement of the community


So when you come along on a balloon flight with us, don't be surprised if we point out Stately Homes and Castles which you can visit or even host a magnificent function, or hear about some excellent rural Bistro Pubs and Restaurants, farmhouse B&Bs and self-catering cottages, the many options of where to play golf, go angling, go off-roading, or where you can get a horse box made or a horse blanket cleaned (!), where there are horse riding facilities for both the able-bodied and disabled, or where speciality cheese is being made or where locally grown and farm produced healthy rapeseed oil is being produced or where new whisky distilleries have been founded or simply where to buy delicious fresh farm eggs!