Alba Ballooning Flight Voucher Terms and Conditions

(applicable to the purchaser and all booked passengers as relevant)


Passenger and companion(s) safety:


Passengers must ensure that they are medically fit to undertake a balloon flight. They must be sufficiently able to get in and out of the balloon basket unaided if necessary. Plus note that the landing can involve one or more hefty bumps. We are thus unable to fly anyone who is pregnant, has significant ankle, back or bone weaknesses or limited mobility. Nor can we fly anyone with a heart, nervous or mental condition that may result in them becoming a danger to themselves or to the safety of the flight. If in any doubt about their medical fitness, passengers should consult their doctor and discuss any concerns with us before making a flight booking.


Any passenger that appears to be intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or in any condition that may endanger themselves or the safety of the flight will forfeit their right to a flight and any pre-payment and be charged any balance due. If such determination is made during transportation, the passenger may, if the circumstance warrants, be required to leave the road vehicle or the balloon basket (whilst on the ground) immediately and be thenceforth responsible for their own transportation. Any passenger being disruptive to safety whilst airborne will be subsequently arrested and prosecuted under the Air Navigation Order. If warranted, we reserve the right to claim appropriate compensation for any inconvenience or financial loss so caused by the action or behaviour of the passenger or their companions in any such circumstances.


No responsibility will be accepted for any injury to a passenger, or onlooker associated with a passenger, who fails to comply with an instruction from a member of Alba Ballooning at any time.


The pilot will give a passenger safety briefing prior to inflating the balloon. If you fail to arrive in time at the meeting point but subsequently arrive prior to take-off at the launchsite, you will only be allowed to board if the pilot is still safely able to give you the full safety briefing else you will be refused the flight; if the pilot allows you to board and fly, we will only be able to transport you back to the meeting point after the flight.


Checking in and turning up for the flight:


We accept no responsibility for loss or inconvenience due to flight cancellations or your failure to telephone us within the stated ‘check in’ period for a flight. If a flight is called ‘on’, you must turn up at the pre-agreed meeting point by the time given in the ‘check in’ message; note that meeting times given at the time of booking are approximate but normally to within 15 minutes or so of actual meeting times.


Full payment is required before the flight. If you turn up for a flight and refuse to pay any balance due, you will not be allowed to fly and will forfeit any advance payment and be later charged the balance.


If you fail to turn up for, or miss or refuse onsite, or be necessarily refused onsite, a flight that you have booked that has not been cancelled by you with our agreement, you will forfeit any payment, be charged any balance outstanding and have no rights to receive another flight opportunity.


Your vehicle(s) and their contents are left at your risk at the meeting point or launchsite and no liability is accepted for any loss or damage to them unless it is specifically due to our negligence.


Cancelling flight bookings:


You may cancel a flight booking via email, letter or telephone provided we receive such notice at least 48 hours prior to the stated flight meeting time and you receive back written or verbal communication from us that we have accepted your cancellation. If you provide shorter notice and the weather is suitable for that flight to take place, you will forfeit any payment made and be charged any balance due and forfeit the right to a flight unless replacement full paying passengers are obtained in time to replace you.


Flight Vouchers: validity, extensions, upgrades and refunds:


Our ‘main flying season’ is between mid-March and late October. Flight vouchers expire on the date stated on the voucher unless extended. Flights can only be booked on dates and times for which the voucher is valid. Vouchers will be extended by 12 months at the point of expiry if the voucher holder has made 5 flight bookings cancelled by us in the initial validity period, or within the previous 12 months if already extended, and within our March to October main flying season. At our discretion, appropriate extensions may be given if, for a period during the main flying season, the holder is medically unable to undertake the balloon flight provided they inform us in writing at the time and provide written supportive documentation if then so asked. Otherwise, vouchers can be extended by 12 months, up to 3 times only, upon payment of a renewal fee (£30 per person). Failure to pay this fee prior to or upon expiry renders the voucher invalid thereafter.


Refunds are only given on valid flight vouchers purchased from us and are subject to the deduction of our business overheads fee (£55 per person) unless alternative refund terms have been agreed in writing at the time of purchase. Renewal and upgrade fees are non-refundable. Refunds, or the opportunity to undertake another flight, will not normally be offered if the pilot deems it necessary, through reasons of safety to passengers or risk of damage to the balloon, to curtail the normal intended flight time. Our liability to you is limited to the purchase price of the voucher less any selling Agent’s commission.


For holders of Premium flight vouchers, a full refund less £10 per person processing fee and less any selling Agent’s commission fee is available within the initial validity period should the holder experience 5 flight cancellations within the main flying season made by us during that initial validity period and the holder remains unflown. Thereafter, the aforementioned refund terms apply.


Holders of Premium flight vouchers, once flown, will each receive a printed or emailed 'in flight' photograph provided conditions have enabled such a photograph to be taken. In the exceptional event where this has not been possible, an alternative photograph of the balloon will be substituted or holders each refunded £10.


This Contract shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Scotland and the courts of Scotland shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising in respect of this Contract.