Inflating the hot air balloon at Peebles

Hot air balloon rides in Scotland


After operating commercial balloon flights here in Scotland for 18 years and having flown nearly 10,000 customers on over 1200 flights, Scotland's deteriorating weather trend these past 6 years now, last year being particularly poor for suitable ballooning conditions during which we had to weather cancel 90% of the circa 350 scheduled flights, has sadly resulted in us ending our commercial public flights as it appears no longer possible to get enough flights away, and thence customers flown, each year to cover the high fixed costs of commercial operation and to be financially viable.


If you have an outstanding and still valid voucher to fly with us, please contact us by phone, email or letter with your voucher details and we will endeavour to get you flown elsewhere or be able to offer you at least a part refund, or, if you have received the voucher through an Agency (such as Red Letter Days or Gift Experience Scotland), we can refer you back to them for an alternative, less weather critical, activity, say. Thank you for your understanding at this very sad and frustrating conclusion.


Pete Forster

Alba Ballooning